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Car Accidents

The most common reasons for car accidents are texting while driving, speeding, driving while drowsy, impaired, or intoxicated, distracted driving and aggressive driving.




Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ship personal injury accidents can include slip and falls, tender boat accidents, waterslide accidents, food poisoning, shore excursion injuries and more.





There are four main types of negligence. Find out more about each one and what is required in order to successfully take a negligence claim to court.




Personal Injury

The extent of injuries in a personal injury lawsuit can vary from bumps and bruises to a traumatic brain injury. There are three main types of personal injury actions.




Negligent Security

Negligent security cases happen when someone is the victim of a crime or violent act. The victim then plans to sue the owner of the property where the crime occurred.




Premises Liability

Property owners have certain obligations to the public. When these laws are violated, and public spaces are not kept safe for guests, property owners can be held responsible.




Rideshare Accidents

Many people have expressed concerns over the safety of rideshares. While the law requires that these drivers meet some criteria, using a rideshare driver still comes with its fair share of risks.




Slip/Trip and Fall

Businesses and homeowners can be responsible for a guest’s injuries while on their property. If they fail to reasonably ensure that the property is safe, they can be held accountable.




Work Related Accidents

Employment that requires heavy lifting, operating machines, driving, or potential exposure to chemicals can be more risky than jobs that do not require this type of work.




Wrongful Death

This is when someone dies because of someone else’s negligence/misconduct. Common instances of wrongful death are medical malpractice, car accidents, and workplace accidents.

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