About Us

iLawyerUp is a law firm with lawyers that are highly skilled and specialized in the area of personal injury so that the very best representation is provided following your accident and injury. Call us today so that we may personally review your case.
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Who We Are

iLawyerUp provides a team of experienced, aggressive and convenient attorneys to those who have been injured in the state of Florida. Our staff is knowledgable in a variety of practice areas that involve personal injury. We are eager to assist you to help you get your life back on track.

Why Choose Us

With iLawyerUp, you can rest assured that our lawyers are doing the very best to help you build the strongest case possible so you can receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Furthermore, our attorneys are available to help you with your case, all day, every day. For your convenience, we provide video consultations because we understand your time is valuable and it may be difficult to travel, given your injuries.

The iLawyerUp Difference

Our lawyers are skilled at digesting complex personal injury law and sorting through complicated information to ensure that you get the maximum monetary value you can from insurance companies and others who are at fault for your injuries. Unlike other law firms, we take a personal approach to our clients and we are available to them all day, every day. The convenience of having top quality lawyers fighting for you and available at all times is what makes us different.

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